Business Writing 
I am an award-winning copywriter who learned his lessons well at some of America's largest and most successful ad agencies including Leo Burnett,
Foote Cone & Belding, and BBDO.  From startups and well-established brands to consumer and b2b, I have worked in a variety of sectors including:
financial services, retail, CPG, fast food, beverage (alcoholic & non) nonprofit, school recruitment, real estate, healthcare...

​Along with the privilege of being allowed to peek behind the curtain when I worked on the client side for Bank of America's in-house agency,  I was the first American to be chosen to participate when BBDO initiated its international exchange program. As a result, I spent the better part of a year living and working in Sydney, Australia. Very cool. 

I not only excel at concepting, strategizing and brainstorming, I'm a creative problem-solver who possesses a flair for storytelling and word play. All this complements my ear for capturing a brand’s voice as well as my talent for writing compelling, natural copy.  (Scroll down for links to more creative samples.)
  1. Bank of America
    Bank of America
    Concept, headline and copy for public sector print ad
  2. Bank Of America
    Bank Of America
    Concept, headline and copy for health care institutions print ad
  3. Liberty Bank
    Liberty Bank
    Concept, copy & headlines for integrated campaign promoting free checking for customers 50 and older
  4. Liberty Bank
    Liberty Bank
    Concept & copy for integrated campaign promoting fixed mortgages vs. arms
  5. Compass Health Care
    Compass Health Care
    Concept and headline B2B and B2C Integrated campaign
  6. Borden Milk
    Borden Milk
    Concept & copy for print campaign promoting freshness of local dairies
  7. IF Design Furniture Stores
    IF Design Furniture Stores
    Concept, headline & copy for print & direct mail campaign
  8. Urban American Club
    Urban American Club
    Headline and copy for clothing store chain's print campaign
  9. Lincoln Park Zoo
    Lincoln Park Zoo
    Concept, headline & copy for awareness campaign promoting educational program
  10. Spaces Organization Stores
    Spaces Organization Stores
    Concept, headline and copy for print and direct mail campaign promoting sale
  11. Bank of America
    Bank of America
    Concept & copy for Twitter & LinkedIn infographics
  12. Bank of America (public housing)
    Bank of America (public housing)
    Concept & headline for Twitter & LinkedIn infographics
  13. Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations
    Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations
    Headline & copy for new website
  14. Weber Flavors
    Weber Flavors
    Concepts, headlines & copy for updated website
  15. Rolling Landscapes
    Rolling Landscapes
    Brand development, website concepting, copy & headlines
  16. Animals Asia
    Animals Asia
    Concept & copy for direct mail campaign for Asian bear-sarving nonprofit
  17. Sprint
    Developed concept, headlines and copy
  18. Think Simple Foods
    Think Simple Foods
    wrote tagline & all package copy
  19. Think Simple
    Think Simple
    Wrote all copy for website
  20. National Beef
    National Beef
    Facility Safety Program
  21. Dually Bikes
    Dually Bikes
    Created concept, headline and copy
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