Some other ways my creativity shows up in my life: 

  • My children's book writing, some titles include: 
    • Why Moths are Attracted to the Light (A Light-Hearted Story)
    • Woo! Woo! Woo! Amelia (How an Ostrich Learned to Fly)
    • The Laughing Hyena Who Lost His Funny Bone 
    • Love in the Maples (about two trees in love.)

  • My screenwriting

  • My Improv training and performing  

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Blake reading  on the radio a short story
he wrote about the Mamets.

My inspirational children's story book about a young
moth who goes on a life- 
changing journey in
search of 'the light'. 
My humor website based on my concept to bring the world closer together through the shared language of laughter: 
Hamasté: the funny bone in me tickles the funny bone in you.
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A children's book about Fred, a red-headed boy who is always getting into trouble. I wrote it with my mom whose faculties and life were nearing their end.